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Plan 9 from User Space
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Plan 9 from User Space (aka plan9port) is a port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems.
supported systems
Linux (x86, x86-64, PowerPC, and ARM), FreeBSD (x86, x86-64), Mac OS X (x86, x86-64, and Power PC), NetBSD (x86 and PowerPC), OpenBSD (x86 and PowerPC), SunOS (x86-64 and Sparc), Dragonfly BSD (x86-64).
getting started
Start with the overview in intro(1). For information on installing the system, see install(1).
using git: git clone plan9

latest tree: (list of recent changes; license)

Most obviously, plan9port derives from Plan 9 from Bell Labs and would not exist without the work of the Plan 9 team over the past many years.
Rob Pike suggested the original X11 port of libdraw years ago, as part of drawterm, and strongly encouraged the Mac OS X work. He has also been a consistent source of good ideas to hide the ugliness of modern Unix.
William Josephson handled troff(1) (with Taj Khattra) and many of the supporting programs. He also inspired the thread library clean-up and has ported a handful of applications.
Andrey Mirtchovski and Axel Belinfante have done significant work dealing with X11 corner cases and fine-tuning rio(1). Axel never tires of finding bugs in the SunOS port.
Latchesar Ionkov has contributed many fixes to tricky bugs, and got factotum(4) up and running.
Many other people have provided help, ported programs, written bug reports, sent useful patches, and gotten plan9port running on new systems.
Bigelow & Holmes, Inc. created the screen fonts in the luc, lucm, lucsans, and pelm directories and granted permission to redistribute them with plan9port.
Thanks to all.
mailing list (plan9port-dev on Google groups)
issue tracker (
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unix extracts
The UTF-8 library, the formatted print library, the buffered I/O library, the (Unicode-capable) regular expression library, and mk are available in packaging separate from plan9port.
An early version of Plan 9 from User Space for Windows. Only for reference.
Sean Quinlan's 9pm − a port of an earlier Plan 9 (including sam(1)) to Windows
Matty Farrow's 9term − a native X11 version that inspired 9term(1)
David Hogan's 9wm and Arnold Robbins's 9menu − precursor to rio(1)
Byron Rakitzis's rc − a mostly-compatible clone of Plan 9's rc(1)
Gary Capell's wily − an acme(1)-inspired editor