codereview – review of submitted changes (experimental)

git diff HEAD path ...
codereview [ −v ] create name
codereview [ −v ] commit
codereview [ −v ] upload
codereview [ −v ] pending
codereview [ −v ] sync

Codereview manages the review and submission of changes to the Plan 9 from User Space project. It must be used from within a Plan 9 from User Space tree checked out via Git (see git(1)).
A developer makes changes to a local copy of the tree, reviews them by using git diff HEAD and then commits them to a “feature branch” using codereview create. Once a feature branch is created, files can still be edited, but they must then be incorporated into the change by using codereview commit. Git requires that changes be added to a “staging area” before the initial commit, using commands such as git add and git rm. The codereview create and codereview commit commands automatically move all local modifications to the staging area as part of the commit, using git commit -a.
If other changes have been committed since the feature branch was created, codereview sync will update it to be based on the most recent copy of the repository.
When the code is ready for review, codereview upload uploads the change to https://plan9port− for review. In order to upload, git must have access to a $HOME/.netrc that contains a password obtained from .
The most likely initial result of a code review is suggestions for improving the code. After making those changes, repeat the codereview commit and codereview upload steps.
Once the code is ready, it will be submitted by the reviewer using the web interface. At that point, codereview sync
The codereview pending command lists the active feature branches.
All the codereview commands take a leading −v option, which causes them to print git commands being executed. This can be useful for debugging codereview.
The codereview command depends on a git “commit hook” script being in place to add Change−Id lines to the commit messages. Codereview installs the hook at startup, if necessary, by adding a symbolic link from $PLAN9/.git/hooks/commit−msg to $PLAN9/lib/git/commit−msg.hook.

git(1), http://plan9port−

Git is too complicated to use. The codereview script helps, but a working understanding of git is still required.

Space Glenda