web, wmail – handle web page, mail message for plumber

web url ...
wmail address

Web opens each of the named urls in a new web browser window. Any of the urls may be relative paths to files in the file system; they will be translated into file:// URLs before being passed to the web browser.
Web uses the web browser’s −remote option command-line option, which requires an instance of the web browser to be already running. The choice of browser is determined by the $BROWSER environment variable, which should be the name of the executable for your choice of web browser. The default is firefox. Since the various browsers all use different syntaxes in their −remote options, the executable name is inspected to determine the type of browser. The supported browsers are Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Firebird, and Mozilla. When possible, web opens each URL in a new tab rather than a new window.
When run under Mac OS X, $BROWSER should be set to camino , firefox , or safari. Web uses AppleScript to talk to the browser. If $BROWSER is not set, web looks for Firefox in /Applications/Firefox.app and uses it if found; otherwise it uses Safari.
Wmail starts the composition of a new mail message to address.
The choice of mailer is determined by the $MAILER environment variable. The supported mailers are:
invoke the mailer via a mailto:// URL passed to web
Web and wmail are invoked as start commands in the plumber(4)’s rules for opening web pages and writing mail messages.

plumbing rules using web and wmail



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