Manual Section 4 - Plan 9 from User Space
intro(4)intro – introduction to file servers
9import(4)9import – import a name space from a remote system
9pfuse(4)9pfuse – mount 9P service via FUSE
9pserve(4)9pserve – announce and multiplex 9P service
acme(4)acme – control files for text windows
factotum(4)factotum – authentication agent
fontsrv(4)fontsrv – file system access to host fonts
fossil(4)fossil, flchk, flfmt – archival file server
import(4)import – import 9P resources from another system
plumber(4)plumber – file system for interprocess messaging
ramfs(4)ramfs – memory file system
smugfs(4)smugfs – file system access to SmugMug photo sharing
srv(4)srv, 9fs – start network file service
tapefs(4)32vfs, cpiofs, tapfs, tarfs, tpfs, v6fs, v10fs, zipfs – mount archival file systems
vacfs(4)vacfs – a Venti-based file system
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