tr2post – convert troff intermediate to PostScript

tr2post [ options ] [ files ... ]

Tr2post converts files (or standard input), which should be the device-independent output of troff(1), into the PostScript printer language.
The options are:
−a aspectratio
Set an aspect ratio (y/x) to stretch the PostScript output (default 1.0).
−c copies
Set a comment in the PostScript output marking the number of copies that should be printed. The comment is intended for ancient versions of the Unix lp(1) and is not recognized by any current printer or print spooler.
−d    Emit volumes of debugging output on standard error.
−m magnification
Magnify the PostScript output (default 1.0).
−n formsperpage
Print the PostScript with formsperpage logical pages per physical page (default 1). Using this option emits PostScript with invalid document structuring comments. It will print fine but will not view correctly in gv(1) or psv (see page(1)).
−o pagelist
Print only the pages in the pagelist, which is a comma-separated list of ranges. Each range is of the form p (just page p), pq (pages p through q), p (pages 1 through p), or p (pages p through the end of the document).
−p l   Print the document in landscape mode. An argument that does not begin with l will print the document in portrait mode.
−x xoffset
Translate the page output by xoffset inches to the right. (Negative offsets translate to the left.)
−y yoffset
Translate the page output by yoffset inches down. (Negative offsets translate up.)
−P pscode
Emit the text pscode at the end of the usual PostScript header.

Preview this manual page:
troff −man /usr/local/plan9/man/man1/tr2post.1 |
tr2post |
psfonts >/tmp/
psv /tmp/


troff(1), psfonts(1)

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