Manual Section 1 - Plan 9 from User Space
intro(1)intro – introduction to Plan 9 from User Space
9(1)9, 9.rc, u, u.rc – run Plan 9 or Unix commands
9c(1)9c, 9l, 9ar – C compiler, assembler, linker, archiver
9p(1)9p – read and write files on a 9P server
9term(1)9term – terminal windows
acid(1)acid, acidtypes – debugger
acme(1)acme, win, awd – interactive text windows
acmeevent(1)acmeevent, acme.rc – shell script support for acme clients
ascii(1)ascii, unicode – interpret ASCII, Unicode characters
astro(1)astro – print astronomical information
awk(1)awk – pattern-directed scanning and processing language
basename(1)basename – strip file name affixes
bc(1)bc – arbitrary-precision arithmetic language
bundle(1)bundle – collect files for distribution
cal(1)cal – print calendar
calendar(1)calendar – print upcoming events
cat(1)cat, read, nobs – catenate files
cleanname(1)cleanname – clean a path name
clog(1)auxclog – create date-stamped console log
cmp(1)cmp – compare two files
col(1)col – column alignment
colors(1)colors, cmapcube – display color map
comm(1)comm – select or reject lines common to two sorted files
compress(1)compress, uncompress, zcat – compress and expand data
core(1)core – print information about dead processes
crop(1)crop, iconv – frame, crop, and convert image
date(1)date, clock – date and time
db(1)db, stack – debugger
dc(1)dc – desk calculator
dd(1)dd – convert and copy a file
deroff(1)deroff, delatex – remove formatting requests
devdraw(1)devdraw – draw device simulator
dial(1)dial – connect to a remote service
dict(1)dict, adict – dictionary browser
diff(1)diff – differential file comparator
doctype(1)doctype – intuit command line for formatting a document
echo(1)echo – print arguments
ed(1)ed – text editor
eqn(1)eqn – typeset mathematics
factor(1)factor, primes – factor a number, generate large primes
fmt(1)fmt, htmlfmt – simple text formatters
fortune(1)fortune – sample lines from a file
freq(1)freq – print histogram of character frequencies
fsize(1)fsize, mtime – print file information
git(1)git, hg, cvs, codereview – introduction to using plan9port Git repository
grap(1)grap – pic preprocessor for drawing graphs
graph(1)graph – draw a graph
grep(1)grep, g – search a file for a pattern
gview(1)gview – interactive graph viewer
gzip(1)gzip, gunzip, bzip2, bunzip2, zip, unzip, – compress and expand data
hget(1)hget – retrieve a web page corresponding to a url
hist(1)hist, history – print file names from the dump
hoc(1)hoc – interactive floating point language
htmlroff(1)htmlroff – HTML formatting and typesetting
idiff(1)idiff – interactive diff
install(1)install – notes about Plan 9 from User Space installation
join(1)join – relational database operator
jpg(1)jpg, gif, png, ppm, bmp, yuv, ico, togif, toppm, topng, toico – view and convert pictures
kill(1)kill, slay, start, stop – print commands to manipulate processes
label(1)label, awd – set window label
lex(1)lex – generator of lexical analysis programs
look(1)look – find lines in a sorted list
ls(1)ls, lc – list contents of directory
man(1)man, lookman, sig – print or find pages of this manual
map(1)map, mapdemo, mapd – draw maps on various projections
mc(1)mc – multicolumn print
mk(1)mk – maintain (make) related files
mk9660(1)dump9660, mk9660 – create an ISO-9660 CD image
mkdir(1)mkdir – make a directory
mount(1)mount, unmount – change name space
namespace(1)namespace – print name space directory
ndb(1)ndbquery, ndbmkhash, ndbmkdb, ndbipquery, ndbmkhosts – network database
netfiles(1)Netfiles, netfileget, netfileput, netfilestat – network file access inside acme
news(1)news – print news items
p(1)p – paginate
page(1)page – view
paint(1)paint – create image files by drawing with a mouse or other pointing device
passwd(1)passwd, netkey – change user password
pem(1)pemdecode, pemencode – encode files in Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format
pic(1)pic, tpic, svgpic – troff and tex preprocessors for drawing pictures
plot(1)plot – graphics filter
plumb(1)plumb – send message to plumber
pr(1)pr – print file
proof(1)proof – troff output interpreter
ps(1)ps, psu – process status
psfonts(1)psfonts, psdownload – add necessary fonts to PostScript document for printing
pwd(1)pwd, pbd – working directory
rc(1)rc, cd, eval, exec, exit, flag, rfork, shift, wait, whatis, ., ~ – command language
readcons(1)readcons – prompt console for input
resample(1)resample – resample a picture
rio(1)rio – rio-like Window Manager for X
rm(1)rm – remove files
rsa(1)dsagen, rsagen, rsafill, asn12dsa, asn12rsa, dsa2pub, rsa2csr, rsa2pub, dsa2ssh, rsa2ssh, rsa2x509 – generate and format dsa and rsa keys
sam(1)sam, B, E,, samterm, samsave – screen editor with structural regular expressions
scat(1)scat – sky catalogue and Digitized Sky Survey
secstore(1)aescbc, ipso, secstore – secstore commands
secstored(1)secstored, secuser – secstore commands
sed(1)sed – stream editor
seq(1)seq – print sequences of numbers
sftpcache(1)sftpcache – cache sftp connections
sleep(1)sleep – suspend execution for an interval
snarfer(1)snarfer – manage the snarf buffer
soelim(1)soelim – preprocess so inclusion commands in troff input
sort(1)sort – sort and/or merge files
spell(1)spell, sprog – find spelling errors
split(1)split – split a file into pieces
src(1)src – find source code for executable
ssam(1)ssam – stream interface to sam
stats(1)stats, auxstats – display graphs of system activity
strings(1)strings – extract printable strings
sum(1)sum, md5sum, sha1sum – sum and count blocks in a file
tail(1)tail – deliver the last part of a file
tar(1)tar – archiver
tbl(1)tbl – format tables for nroff or troff
tcs(1)tcs – translate character sets
tee(1)tee – pipe fitting
test(1)test – set status according to condition
time(1)time – time a command
touch(1)touch – set modification date of a file
tr(1)tr – translate characters
tr2post(1)tr2post – convert troff intermediate to PostScript
troff(1)troff, nroff – text formatting and typesetting
troff2html(1)troff2html – convert troff output into HTML
tweak(1)tweak – edit image files, subfont files, face files, etc.
uniq(1)uniq – report repeated lines in a file
units(1)units – conversion program
vac(1)vac, unvac – create, extract a vac archive on Venti
venti(1)read, write, copy – simple Venti clients
wc(1)wc – word count
web(1)web, wmail – handle web page, mail message for plumber
wintext(1)wintext, ", "" – access text in current window
winwatch(1)winwatch – monitor rio windows
xd(1)xd – hex, octal, decimal, or ASCII dump
yacc(1)yacc – yet another compiler-compiler
yesterday(1)yesterday – print file names from the dump
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